Comparative Tables (part 4) – Smoking Cessation Products (Selected)

Patient Data/Background

Several medications are available to assist patients with smoking cessation, and multiple factors including efficacy, dosing regimen, patient comorbidities, and potential side effects must be considered when deciding upon a treatment regimen. All treatments are effective, however, varenicline has been shown to be superior to buPROPion and nicotine replacement monotherapy, but not combination nicotine replacement therapy. BuPROPion and nicotine replacement monotherapy have similar efficacy rates [1][2]. Clonidine and nortriptyline, which are second-line therapies, are also effective but use may be limited due to potentially serious as well as dose-related side effects [3][4]. Additionally, counseling should be offered to all patients, as the combination of counseling and pharmacotherapy is more effective than either treatment modality alone [5].

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